A variety of foods help promote a thermogenic effect meaning these foods are highly impressive at dropping calories even as you're starting to chew. Certain beneficial foods can help with increasing the rate of the metabolism, eliminate undesirable toxins, and trigger fat releasing hormones. For these foods to act as desired, it is necessary to include them as part of a healthy and all-round diet plan. A few bites of a healthy food option aren’t able to help on its own, especially if the regular diet consists of junk-filled snacks.

Here are 7 foods to help with burning body fat:


The fat featured in avocado is certainly known to help with acting as a fat burner. Monounsaturated fat helps with increasing the cell membranes which enables the cells to communicate more efficiently with the hormones. A further quality is the ability to switch off the body's hormone for storing fat. Avocados are also perfect for boosting the metabolism in relation to the energy promoting cells.

Broccoli Rabe

A great quality of the phytonutrient sulforaphane (a feature in the broccoli rabe) is the ability to help with stimulating the enzymes that are required to tell the fat cells to start burning fat deposits.

Brazil Nuts

A beneficial nut for helping with fat-burning includes the Brazil nuts. Eating these large nuts is certain to help with boosting the metabolism by making the thyroid hormone more active. A further aspect is the ability to block the toxins that might find themselves stored in the fat cells which could lead to a more noticeable outbreak of cellulite.


Using a spice like cinnamon is perfect to help with moving glucose around the body faster which should mean insulin (fat storage hormone) remains for a much shorter period. Ideally, you want to look at consuming at least ¼ tbsp of cinnamon if wishing to completely benefit from the fat-burning qualities.


Since a warm mug of coffee can help with stimulating adrenaline this offers the advantage of sending the desired message to the body's storage to start burning fat. Drinking coffee 10 to 15 minutes before a workout routine is able to help function as an ergogenic to ensure you're able to be more intense in training. An ideal coffee is black and caffeinated, since including milk is likely to cut the potential to burn fat. Also, it helps to avoid consuming too much coffee since it is seen to impact the body's capacity for regulating insulin, which is the hormone for storing fat.


Oysters are certain to offer a more than desirable dish when dining out. Besides a low-calorie count – 60 calories or so are likely to feature in five oysters – they are zinc rich which should mean the appetite is decreased while also helping with lowering PMS cravings.

Wild Salmon

An effective action for stripping abdominal fat includes eating dishes including wild salmon every so often. Wild salmon includes omega-3 which is desirable for improving the level of sensitivity to insulin, which is desirable for shrinking fat in the region of the waistline. Benefits of wild salmon also include activating the thyroid hormone for helping to improve the rate of the metabolism.

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