Tinnitus is not a rare problem. In reality thousands of others are dealing with the same unpleasant experience that you are. However, despite the fact that tinnitus can be disturbing usually it is not labeled as being one of the serious health conditions; instead it is just a nuisance to deal with. So, what is tinnitus? Tinnitus is a condition in which you may hear strange sounds in one or both of your ears with no external sound source available. It seems as though the sounds come from the ears themselves and people describe ringing, whistling, buzzing, or hissing sounds as what they hear. Surprisingly, there is no condition that is causing one to hear these sounds; however, the experience is brought about by misinterpretation of signals being sent from the auditory nerves to the brain.

Symptoms and Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a symptom that comes about possibly because of many conditions. However, at this time it has not been pinpointed to a specific cause. Usually, damages or abnormalities in the auditory nerve cells are responsible for the signals that the brain receives. However, tinnitus could also be a result of common ear conditions, trauma, chronic health conditions, and even disorders that are affecting one's nervous system.

Conditions that commonly cause tinnitus include -

Hearing Loss Caused by Aging

Hearing loss is common, as you grow older especially once you reach the age of sixty. When this is the reason for tinnitus, it is called presbycusis.

Too Much Noise Exposure

Exposure to too much noise is one of the leading causes of tinnitus especially among those who living urban settings. High decibel levels from heavy machinery and explosives can aid in hearing loss. In addition, listening to music via headphones/earphones for extended periods can cause hearing loss that result in tinnitus. Short-term exposure to noise, such as concerts, usually does not play a large roll, but repeated exposure can damage your hearing permanently.

Blocked Ears

Earwax has an important role related to protecting the ear canal by restricting growth of bacterial and trapping dirt. However, when it is left to accumulate over time it can not only cause some amount of hearing loss but it can also irritate the eardrum, which results in tinnitus.

These are not all the causes of tinnitus but they are the most common ones. Tinnitus might result from using certain recreational drugs or related to side-effects of using prescribed medication. Objective tinnitus relates to issues relating to abnormal bone growth or blood vessel problems. A hereditary problem like abnormal bone growth is likely to cause issues with the middle ear bones. A significance of this is compromised hearing and a certain level of tinnitus.

Home Remedies for Tinnitus

No matter the home remedies or treatments used in the process of attempting to solve the ringing in the ears, a visit to the doctor is certain be to highly desirable for those that experienced the less than desirable results.

Diet for Tinnitus

Abiding by a well-planned and healthy diet might not have a significant bearing on the real problem, but this is certain to help with controlling the underlying issues. Improving circulation is likely to be beneficial. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is highly beneficial for promoting all-round well-being and providing the required nutrients. A well-balanced diet is essential to avoid a weakened immune system which offers a higher chance of experiencing infections likely to aggravate or contribute to tinnitus.

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