Acne medication offers an effective solution for preventing the breakout of spots, but can come with a variety of side-effects that impact the skin such as sensitivity/irritation, discoloration, and dry skin. Beyond the side effects associated with the medication, a repeated trip to the chemist is quite expensive. By investing the time into learning the natural ways to get rid of acne redness it is possible to save money and improve the appearance of the skin.

Using natural and low-cost ingredients that appear as standard in many kitchens, it is possible to easily make use of the natural ways to get rid of acne marks at home. Here are some of the home remedies to lessen the appearance of blackheads or whiteheads using everyday kitchen ingredients – List of natural ways to get rid of acne:

Fiber-rich diet

A diet rich in fruit and vegetable like spinach, oranges, grapefruit, avocados, apples, Brussels, etc. are appreciated for their ability to starve off issues related to irritable bowel syndrome while also helping to prevent or get rid of acne. Fiber is necessary to promote regular bowel movements, and this helps with purging the toxic and harmful wastes that can build up in the body. Poor bowl movements can result in acne breakouts due to the body wastes left in the body.

Regular water in-take

Keep the body hydrated by consuming the recommended water in-take of 8 glasses per day. Drinking water is helpful for clearing toxins from the system and regulates bowel movements. A benefit of using the natural ways to get rid of acne blemishes is the ability to keep acne outbreaks at bay.


A plain yogurt is certain to contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins and helpful for spot related issues whether consumed or applied to the face. A powerhouse of nutrient like yogurt also includes good bacteria which are appreciated for its ability to fight off the negative bacteria in the body that can cause acne or similar skin problems. Yogurt applied to the face is beneficial in several different ways – it helps with softening the face and lightens blemishes and freckles.


Since honey includes strong anti-bacterial properties it is certain to be listed in the top list of the most effective way to get rid of acne scars. A mild remedy like honey starts working on acne in its early stages which is certain to mean the noticeable spots and redness are diminished in the short-term. Honey-based face masks or moisturizes used at home leave the skin subtle, soft, and radiant.

Tomato pulp

A further everyday kitchen ingredient like tomato pulp is perfect for reducing the swelling around the spots on the face or other acne areas. Apply the tomato pulp to the affected areas and leave in place for three to five minutes and then wash off.

In addition to using the most beneficial home remedies it also makes sense to abide by the right practical measures to lessen the outbreak of acne on the face or body. Following the well-known practical habits is a sure way of keeping the unsightly acne at bay.

Avoid touching the face

Repeated touching of the face and similar areas impacted by acne are certain to intensify the issue. Resist the temptation to rub an itchy pimple since germs or dirt clinging to the hands is certain to make the problem far worse.

Brush the hair from the face

Similar to touching the face with the hands, a further common issue relates to long hair which is left to fall across the face. Natural oils in the hair can have a negative impact on the cleanliness of the skin. It helps to note that hair is likely to attract bacteria, smoke particles, and dust throughout the normal everyday activities, which is likely to stick to the face.

Wash gently

Avoid scrubbing the face vigorously in the mornings or evenings since this does not help and is more likely to aggravate the situation. In fact, scrubbing the face often means the bacteria is spread across, which means the acne is more prominent.

By relying on the suggested best natural way to get rid of cystic acne it is certainly possible to see a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin. Aim to be consistent in the process of dealing with the acne. A regular intake of water and a well-planned cleaning ritual is certain to help with lessening the impact of the acne. 

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