Cellulite is one of the skin problems that can affect anyone regardless of their gender or age. However, women are most commonly affected by cellulite with 95% of women suffering from it. Cellulite is a visual skin condition that causes wrinkles, dimples, pitted, or bulging looking skin on the buttocks, hips, thighs, or abdomen. It occurs in these target areas because of the fatty deposits located in them. Symptoms of the skin condition may include tightness in the area, sagging, or even tenderness, especially when one is standing.

What Causes Cellulite?

Progesterone and Estrogen are the main causes of Cellulite. Estrogen is responsible for the formation and expansion of your fat cells in your buttocks, thighs, and breasts while progesterone causes weak veins, weight gain, and fluid retention. Other contributing factors of cellulite are rough and harsh massages, lack of exercise, pregnancy, stress, smoking, obesity, and genetics.

Oral and Topical Home Remedies

Using home remedies to get rid of cellulite like apple cider vinegar is said to help decrease the appearance of cellulite.  To make it all you have to do is put two tbsp of apple cider vinegar into 8 ounces of water, add in honey for taste, and drink it every morning.

If you want to use it as a topical remedy, you mix three parts of apple cider vinegar into your favorite massage oil and gentle knead the mixture into the affected areas twice a day to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise to Decrease Cellulite

Exercising is another way that you can reduce the appearance of cellulite too. Cellulite is fat so if you gain weight you are contributing to it. Therefore, all forms of exercising can be effective when it comes to controlling stress and reducing cellulite. It can be something as simple as going for a walk or jog, jumping on a small trampoline, or even doing yoga. Just make sure that you exercise for at least twenty minutes each day during the weekdays. This way your body chemistry is going to become balanced which will prevent cellulite from developing further.

Eating a Low-fat Balanced Diet

Changing to a low fat balanced diet is another of the home remedies to get rid of cellulite. In fact, this is one of the things that are going to have the greatest impact, when it comes to helping you get rid of cellulite that has already formed. You are going to have to eat a lot of fiber and whole grain foods so they will aid in removing waste and toxins from your intestinal tract. Fruits and vegetables are also good when it comes to preventing the development of cellulite. So, make sure you eat at least five servings of these foods daily.

An all-round healthy diet can benefit from including soy lecithin, gingko biloba, and fish oil. Each of these components is liable to present positive results like protecting cell damage, enhancing the metabolism, and improving the blood circulation.

Avoid caffeine, smoking, sugar, and alcohol since these are more likely to constrict the blood vessel meaning the appearance of the cellulite is liable to become a lot worse. Lowering salt intake also helps since salt is a common cause for water retention which leads to the cellulite outbreak.

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