Hemorrhoids are stretched-out and swollen veins that appear in the region of the lower rectum and anal canal. An external hemorrhoid is noticed beneath the skins surface close to the anal opening. Internal hemorrhoids are seen to protrude from the anus (often referred to as prolapsed) or swell in the area of the anal canal. You can help to treat the telltale signs of hemorrhoids by using the most practical home remedies for hemorrhoids health

Irrespective of the placement, this complaint is certain to cause varying degrees of distress, which may relate to irritation, itching, burning, or general pain in the anal region. It is estimated 1/3 of the American will experience the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids at some point in their adult live.  

A wide range of factors are known to cause the onset of the ailment. Many of these are entirely avoidable. An initial step to identifying a home remedy hemorrhoids technique is to understand the leading causes and how they may impact the body. 

Below are seven of the most reported contributing factors: 

Age – Hemorrhoids aren't likely to start developing until a person is in their 20s or old, though the actual symptoms are not noticed until reaching 30 years of age or beyond.  

Laxatives – Repeated use of laxatives is certain to cause issues with constipation and known as a common issue that can promote the onset of hemorrhoids. 

Low-fib Diet – A fiber deficient diet consisting of highly refined foods like those low in complex carbohydrate and high in protein and fat, sugar, and white flour products, are certain to see an increase in issues with constipation and hemorrhoids. Repeated issues with constipation puts more pressure on the veins in the region of he rectum and anal canal. Hemorrhoid relief at home is certainly to be achievable by following a well-planned out diet.

Family History – If a one or both parents are unfortunate to suffer with hemorrhoids, there is a high chance of a child developing the condition in later life. 

Extending Periods of Sitting – Prolonged periods of sitting mean the heart muscles aren't able to effectively transport the blood around the body, from the vein to the heart. A similar issue occurs with prolonged standing when the unabated standing makes it more difficult for the blood to pass through the body. Regular daily activity which includes at least 25 to 30 minutes of exercise per day is sure to help with promoting the general health and providing one of the more a simple and effective home remedies to make hemorrhoids stop itching. 

Pregnancy – Pressure is put on the rectal area throughout the period the fetus grows. Hemorrhoids related to pregnancy often retract after birth of the baby, unless this issue was already present. 

Obesity – Excessive weight issues put a lot more strain on the veins. Also, an overweight person might be in a position of favoring a sedentary lifestyle and refined foods.  

Beyond hemorrhoids, a variety of other health matters are diagnosed to cause issues in the region of the anal area. By using the right home remedy to relieve hemorrhoids it is possible to relief this common complaint at home. Itching in this area can result from psoriasis, medication allergies, intestinal worms, Perianal warts, and general poor hygiene. 

Health issues in this area can go beyond hemorrhoids, especially if blood is noticed in this area. Bleeding can related to much more serious conditions like colorectal cancer which is reported to kill over 55,000 people each year in the US. So, if blood is noticed it certainly benefits to see a doctor, rather than attempting to diagnosis the condition yourself. 

In summery, home remedies and hemorrhoids when combined offer a perfect solution for relieving the pain and itching that relates to the more common occurrences of this annoying health condition. 

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